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Measuring Broadband Speed Depends on Test Methodology, Conditions: TRAI

Measuring broadband speed is a complex process and the outcome depends upon both the test methodology and test conditions, said the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Monday in a White Paper on Wireless Data Speed Measurement. The white paper added that for comparing the results from various speed measurement app providers, all such providers need to make available complete details of their methodologies and data processing in the public domain so that various stakeholders including users can better understand and interpret them.

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This white paper is primarily aimed at presenting a holistic overview of the TRAI MySpeed app, focusing on its measurement methodology, processing of data, related analytics and key observations. It said wide variations during the individual test of speed measurement may sometimes be observed because of network state and short time window of measurement.

“Individual user results in conjunction of results of network performance in area of concern with tests conducted at the moment may provide better picture about expected performance of broadband network,” the statement said. “Speed measurement at all India level may need to be presented with spatial and temporal distributions across districts and across different times of the day instead of presenting by a single value,” it said.

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