TELEGRAM 875 670x330 - Telegram, Telegram X Back on Apple Play Store After Hours of Removal

Telegram, Telegram X Back on Apple Play Store After Hours of Removal

Messaging apps Telegram and Telegram X are now back on the Apple App Store after a brief removal. On Thursday, both the apps had been removed from the app store for carrying ‘inappropriate content’, as mentioned in a tweet by the Founder and CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov. Apple’s policy of the said reason lists a number of offenses that might have caused the removal of the apps, including “offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, or in exceptionally poor taste” content being distributed through the apps.

While Telegram publicly disclosed ‘inappropriate behaviour’ as a reason for the removal, the exact type of content that triggered this is still unknown. As a report points out, the Telegram apps are a known hub for content related to pornography, terrorism as well as online scams, some revolving around cryptcurrencies. Apple, however, has not mentioned which one of these was the prime reason.

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The apps, however, returned to the Apple App Store within a few hours of removal. “Telegram is back in the App Store after being absent there since midnight” mentioned a recent tweet by Durov on Thursday.

Telegram is back in the AppStore after being absent there since midnight CET.

Every day 500,000+ users download Telegram for Android and another ~100,000 download Telegram for iOS.

Check out yesterday’s update for both platforms:

— Pavel Durov (@durov) February 1, 2018

The crackdown on the Telegram app took place just a day after Telegram announced its Telegram X app for Android devices, in addition to the Telegram Database Library (TDLib) for third-party developers,

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