Super Blue Blood Moon 670x330 - Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31 After 36 Years; Here’s How And When to Watch it

Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31 After 36 Years; Here’s How And When to Watch it

Sky watchers are in for a real treat soon. One of the rarest astronomical phenomena will take place on the night of January 31, 2018, wherein the supermoon, blue moon and lunar eclipse will all take place on the same night. The spectacle will take place after 36 years, with its last occurring date recorded to be December 30, 1982. The next such occurrence is expected to take place in 2037.

At the time of the astronomical event, the moon will be 1500 miles farther than its closest to Earth position on Tuesday. The moon will move farther away as the eclipse takes place on Wednesday.

What does the super blue blood moon mean?

As for what the various entities of this one big event mean, a supermoon is a close full or new moon that wherein the moon appears brighter and bigger than usual. A blue moon is the second full moon of a month, while a total lunar eclipse is an event in which the Earth completely engulfs the moon under its shadow – giving it a reddish touch.

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How to watch it?

Those interested in observing the event in its full glory are advised to look for an open space away from the city lights. As the influence of the surrounding lights is dimmed, the super blue blood moon will appear more clearly in its full grandeur.

As per the timings indicated by NASA, the super blood moon will first appear in the North-East, expected at 4:21 pm and 5:18 pm. Consecutively, the rest of the India will be able to view it between 5:18 pm and 6:21 pm, following which, Rajasthan and other areas in the West will experience the event between 6:21 pm and 7:37 pm.

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