How to choose a web hosting service?

How to choose a web hosting service?

What you should pay attention to?

In today’s world the Internet has penetrated deep into all areas of our life and its influence is fast growing. Many of us have already created own web projects, others are going to create, all together leads to constantly growth of the demand for hosting services. So what aspects should be considered when choosing a web hosting for your site?

Your resource should be convenient for visitors.

If you also think so, we immediately note that the load speed of your websites and an intuitive interface are important. Creating an intuitive interface is a developer job, but the website’s loading speed refers to the code optimization, tuning and processing power of the server, as well as the level of connectivity of the data center with Internet segments. The last two aspects are directly related to hosting. The level of connectivity is determined by the speed of data transfer requested by users, it is naturally very important that this happens without interruptions and delays.

In our MYDC ranking system we collect indicators of the level of connectivity of different locations, by continuously monitoring test pages on data center services. The obtained data are united in RANK system. Monitoring is performed from more than 100+ locations in different segments of the Internet. The selection and tuning the service processing power refers to the qualifications of the system administrators of the hosting provider you have chosen, or your own system administrators. The legal status of your future hosting provider is also important, in order to avoid adverse consequences in the future, including financial ones. With this goal, we invite all data centers and hosting providers to create, fill in and manage their own pages on our website, so that visitors could get the most complete and current information about those to whom they entrust their resources.

For completeness, we want to remind you of the importance of regular backups and monitoring the availability of your resource.

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