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Facebook Looking For “Extra-Terrestrial Product Manager”

Facebook is looking to hire an “extra-terrestrial product manager” in Southern California to lead its plans to beam Internet from the sky in future, a media report said.

According to a job posting, the company is looking for a veteran engineer with experience “taking novel communication/aerospace systems from early development phases to productisation and industry infusion”, CNBC reported late on Monday.

The “extra-terrestrial product manager” will be based in Northridge, California and work in the company’s Facebook Connectivity research unit, which is looking into technologies that include “free-space optical communication, high-frequency RF/mmWave RF, and electro-mechanical.”

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“We are developing complex communications technologies that bring together advanced radio frequency, electro-optical, opto-mechanical, electronics and software systems into an array of integrated packages, and we need someone to help us interact with industry to transfer our developments into landed connectivity impact,” the posting read.

Last year, Facebook’s solar-powered drone Aquila that will beam Internet down to the estimated four billion people worldwide, successfully completed its second full-scale test flight.

“Over the next year we are going to keep testing Aquila — flying higher and longer, and adding more planes and payloads. It’s all part of our mission to connect the world and help more of the four billion people who are not online access all the opportunities of the Internet,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had written in a post.

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