Co-op Bank’s users moan over online wobbles

Remember, folks, don’t tweet your bank details

Over 100 folks in the UK have reported problems with the website and online banking since 10:10 UTC on

Although the website homepage and many other links appear accessible, attempts to sign into online banking are apparently timing out.

There have already been multiple probes to Twitter to try and get a handle for what’s going on.

The bank’s official Twitter helpdesk – which amazingly asks customers not to “Tweet bank details” in its bio – has been asking customers for error message details.

And some have expressed frustration that this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

The bank completed a legacy systems migration to IBM’s platform earlier this year. The Co-op was offline for a six-hour stint on a Thursday morning earlier this year due to “planned essential maintenance” overrunning.

The digital-only bank Smile, which is part of the Co‑operative Bank, has also been affected.

We’ve contacted the bank for comment. ®

Updated to add: A spokesperson for Co-op bank told us: “We are investigating an issue with access to the online banking website but aren’t able to provide any details at this early stage. Our mobile app is unaffected so customers have access through that platform.”


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